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Bulgaria today:
sea, beach, mountains, ski, fun, relax

Bulgaria is a unique place for tourism

Bulgaria is beautiful, picturesque country with nature shaped by time.
ulgaria  is  a unique
place  for   tourism,
travel, vacations,and
Country as human palm!
Beautiful, icturesque, with nature shaped by time. Proposing on a small area opportunities for marine tourism, mountain tourism, tours, cultural and histori-
cal tours, ski vacations, rural weekend and holidays. Many  opportunities  for re-
covery. The magnificent sce-
nery, ancient history and variety of activities each year, attract tourists from around the world. Rosary of magic, sights, attractions, beatiful places. Bulgarians are sunny, peaceful and hos-
pitable. The bulgarian  cli-
mate, cities, resorts,hotels
create ideal conditions for tourism, travel, vacation, walking. The very good standard and good prices in hotels,  campsites,  the re-
sort towns, shops and transport ensure good rest and relaxation. The tours and excursions in Bulgaria near the sea, along the golden beaches, across the snowy mountain, the ski resorts give to tourists delight, satisfaction and favorite memories. The sun, the sand and the sea advent-
ures  ensure happy experien-
ces. Many hotels along the the Black Sea near thegolden beaches are a great way for rest and recreation.

Trip to the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. There in the salt sea breeze, golden sand, bright sun, endless golden sand beaches, lovely beaches with clear waters .. always want to come back to him ...

Everything is far from the sea, is a province.
Ernest Hemingway
ulgarian Black sea coast is there to find it.
Cruises, tours, walks will reveal bulgarian, beautiful, myste- rious in Bulgaria. Hotels, cities, resorts, campsites will delight you with hospi-tality, comfort and pleasant surprises. Bright sun, gol- den beach, relax and enjoy the sea. Spa procedures to give beauty and relax. Beau-
tiful scenery cause to see, photograph, remember. To tell about it. Expanse of beach is dotted with hotels, wild places,  landmarks  and

Bulgarian cities
Bulgaria tourism
bulgaria tour
rivers into the sea, fishing villages. There feast with many local fish dishes. Cruise boat or boats present coastline with all its attractions - old forts and castles, cities and coastal resorts, pristine beaches, Lima. Often in sea fishing company makes dolphins. There are many places with steep banks - beautiful pla-
ces for lovers of romance, sports  fishing and  diving.
The presence of many spa resources placed Bulgaria top places in Europe.

Mountain, Ski, rural tourism and more opportunities for recreation.

The symbol of mountaineers - Edelweiss occurs on the tops of the Bulgarian mountains.
pproximately 30% of the territory of Bulgaria is an alpi-
ne terrain. Alterna-
te deep  precipices,
high peaks, magnificent gorges, scenic river valleys. The unique rock phenomena, caves and stunning waterfalls with its beauty. Pirin, Rila, Vitosha Stara Planina, Rhodope and Sakar Mountains are ideal for skiing, eco trails, cave tourism, hunting tourism, tours for climbing. Climate is healthy - moderately warm and cold. Bulgarian resorts are offering first-class ski slopes and  ideal opportuni-
ties for recreation and tourism. Stay of tourists with  activities  such  as competitions in orienteering hiking, biking and horse riding, water sports, steam and delta  planerizam, para-
chuting, rock climbing, bird tourism speleological hiking
 walking in nature reserves is a pleasant and relaxing. Many stations and health resorts high altitude improves tone and health turistite.Mild climate, com-
bined with healing hot mineral water is beneficial for spa procedures and treatment of many  diseases.
Known ski resorts are Ravda,
Borovets, Pamporovo, Chepe-
lare, Bansko. Known huts are Mladost, Sokolite, Patleyna hut, hut Belmeken, Murgash Hut, Aleko  chalet,  Vihren,
Sina-nitsa hut. Rila Lakes Chalet is one of the most modern and large chalets in Bulgaria.
Bulgaria is part of the European Union. Large cities offer quality and comfort necessary for a successful tourismSofia is the capit-
al of Bulgaria. There are conditions for business, health, fiction, sports, cultural tourism. Varna is the sea capital. Maritime tourism is predominant. Veliko Tarnovo is the old capital of Bulgaria. It qual
ifies as an appropriate cul-
tural and historical tourism Burgas is another great sea-
side town. Plovdiv is host to economic and cultural events. These include the International Fair.In the city many monuments of antiquity  have  been resto-
red. Places for fun and shopping are excellent. All restaurants offer local foods and beverages. Most world brands of food and shopping are present here. Many of the smaller cities have spirit of Balkans and and provide opportunities for touring the area. Many mountain villages and resorts are kept details of typical Bulgarian art and history. Bulgarian folklore is unique worldwide. Cultu-
ral centers and events, the
aters, operas, concert halls are entertained and present-
ed Bulgaria under the  spot-

Tour history, culture and traditions of Bulgaria

The crossroads of peoples

he  crossroads  of  the
peoples. This  explains
the presence  in Bulga-
ria of different cultu-
res, tradi  tions  and reli-
gions.In Bulgaria, kept thousands of cultural messa-
ges, remnants of past eras of prosperitete and downs Here is the cultural heritage of the thracians, greeks, oman sturks and bulgarians many generations. Many of their achievements in life, their spiritual in-
sights, traditions is kept in the national museums.
The uique golden mask Unique gold mask of a Thracian ruler from 5 century BC. It was found near the village of Shipka. It weighs almost 700 g
Cultural and historical tour st attractions  are  Asenova krepost,unique Thracian trea sures Krak ra fortress, cas tle Tweedа, a memorial  Ale-
xander Nevski, National Park
Museum Shipka,  Veliki Pres-
slav,  Lovech   fortress  in
frog tomb mound, Mound Kos- matka, Mezek tomb SAINT MOUND, Kazanlak tomb, Baba Vida, Arbanassi, Bridge of Kolyo Ficheto, Etar Architectural Ethnographic Complex, Sokolski (Gabrovo) Monastery Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral, Varna, Panagyurishte treasure, Valchitran, Treasury Rogozen treasure, Madara, Seven throne Monastery, Sofia Synagogue. and many else. Seven of these monuments are in the List of World Cultural and Natural Heritage. These are the Boyana Church, Rila Monastery, Kasanlak tomb, Madara Rider, Sveshtari Thracian tomb in the Old Nesebar, Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo. Bulgaria is a land of seven civilizations, and ranks third on the cultural heritage in Europe.
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the Cities in Bulgaria

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mountain tourism
bulgaria tourism news
bulgaria tourism news
bulgaria tourism news
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 100 National Tourist Sites. Тhe most important tourist sites in 14
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Bulgaria - Balkan
                       Proposes on a small area large number of tourism opportunities.
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